Dienstag, 1. März 2016

XTerra South Africa - RACEDAY

Short Racereport of one of my favourite XTerra's - XTerra South Africa (1,5km swim, 27km bike, 12,5km run).

I was really looking forward to the race. Because of the soft winter in Austria, my training went very well and I felt very strong for this time of the year. One week before at the Silvermine Trailrun, I could confirm my good shape at the moment and the win gave me a lot of self-confidence.
But on raceday, I didn't find the race mode :-(

My normal race routine before a race looks like this:
  • About 3 hours before the start breakfast (normally bread with honey, prorridge  and coffee)
  • About 2 hours before the start beeing at the race venue
  • About 1.5 hours before the start preparing my transision are
  • About 45 before the start warm up (running and if possible some strokes in the water)

 However this time my race routine was not as usual:
First of all I woke up with no electricity. It was hard to find everything and get ready with just the light from the mobile phone… also the breakfast was a bit different no coffee, no warm porridge,…
But I could manage everything and was still positive for the race....
When we arrived at the race venue we had to park far away from the start, which was a bit strange for us. After cycling to the start area we noticed that the start of the race is in 10 min. (We tought the start is at 9:00, but it was at 8:00 o’clock). So I just put my bike and running stuff into the transition area and ran to the swim start. Luckily they started 5 minutes later and I could start with the other professional women.
After the chaotic and hectic morning, unfortunately my day didn’t get better. I started a bit to fast into the race and after about 500m my arms felt like stones. After a bad swim, I really looked forward to the amazing bike and running course.

But also on my favourite disciplines I struggled on this day. On the bike it was really hard to take over the faster swimers on the trails and especially on the uphills I couldn’t push like I could :-(.
However after taking some extra meters on the run, because I missed a marker, I ended up at the 6th place. I was a bit disappointed… I felt very good and I really love the course. But this day, was simply not my day. Nevertheless it was a great weekend and I am sure the next race will be better :-).
For more impressions of the XTerra you can watch the video from XTerra South Africa.

XTerra South Africa - Red Couch Interview

XTerra South Africa, the biggest XTerra in the world with about 3500 athletes, is my first XTerra this year. Not just the start field is massive, also the organization is very professional and the race course is one of my favourite courses with amazing trails.

Very special is also the red couch interview, where athletes talk about their expectations for the race, their shape, training, how they like the course, ...

Below you will find part one of the interviews (between 1:20 und 1:50 minutes you can listen to my interview :-)