Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

what a run - perfect start into my season at the silvermine Trailrun

Time flies und I am almost here in Stellenbosch for more than a week enjoying the amazing trails! Because of the very soft winter in Austria I did a lot of trailrunning at home with my Salomon college Markus and I am feeling quite fit even the season is very young.

I heard of the Silvermine Mountain XL Trailrun (32km/1500hm), which is part of the south african trailrunning series and decided to start my season with it.

Because of the heat, all the runs here in South Africa start quite early (6 o'clock).

Departure at 3:30 was quite early ;-)

I started really relaxed, calm and with a beautiful sunrise into the race.

The first 10km I ran together with Megan Mackenzie (Southafrican trailrunning Champion 2015) -  thx Meg for making a really good pace :-)! Then I took the lead and could hold it clearly until the finish line.

I enjoyed the race so much - I just love south africa and the awesometrails. It is also a great confirmation of my training and training system ( !

Congrats to my lovely Salomon Running teammate Meg Mackenzie (Southafrican Trailrunning Champion 2015) for the 2nd Place and showing us some goods spots and a delicious cake shop after the race.

Results of the Race: here

Special thanks to Dominik Wychera for the pics and support during the race!